Dental Tourism In Agra

US Quality Treatment At Indian Prices 

Dental Work Of The Highest Professional Standards,
At A Mere Fraction Of The Cost… All While Watching The Taj Mahal !



No, we are not talking about the dental work because the modern advancements have made dentistry just about painless.

I’m talking about the cost of dental work!

Cheap dentists and cheap dental treatments in the USA and Europe are things of the past. Even going for simple routine check-ups can take a big chunk of change out of your wallet. And complicated work, such as crowns, dental bridges, dental implants, bone grafts and the like? Those dental work price lists can be simply staggering.

Dental treatment costs are skyrocketing…

Affordable dental work? Not when fees of $1,200, $1,400, $3,300…. or more(!) are quoted to you even for simple procedures.

No wonder so many people put off going to the dentist. It’s just too much expensive. And if you don’t have dental insurance, forget it – it’s almost a dream.

But the longer you wait, the worse your dental problems become – and the more expensive the solution to correct those problems will be.

Even if you can afford the dental work, writing out those huge checks isn’t much fun, is it?

But… what if we told you it doesn’t have to be this way? That there is an established, worry-free alternative to this dental work cost dilemma?

A solution taking care of all your dental work – safely, quickly and hassle free – allowing you to actually ENJOY yourself in the process, while saving money…

I bet you’d be interested.

Well, there is just such a way. It’s called Dental Tourism in Agra, and here’s how it works…

” I needed $21,472 worth of dental work to be done in the US which included full mouth dental implants and crowns . We got it done in Agra for $7500. We saved a mind-boggling $13,972! You would be crazy not to get your dental work done with Relax Dental Spa!”
Rick.M, Chicago

Our Dentists in Agra at Relax Dental Spa
Offers Modern, State of The Art DENTAL FACILITIES 


There is nothing “third world” about our Dental Clinic in Agra. Agra is already famous for Taj Mahal. In fact, compared to the typical clinics found in the United States, our Dental Clinic in Agra achieves an entirely new level of cleanliness, comfort and excellence and can save you a lot of money!

Dental Tourism In Agra

Here are just some of the extra features setting our Dental Clinic and our Dentists in Agra apart:

• Latest in Clinical Dental Equipment From our super comfortable dental chairs to the sleek, modern lighting systems, our goal is not only to treat you as a valued patient, but a welcomed guest for dental care in Agra as well.

• Digital X-ray System Using 90% less radiation than standard dental x-ray machines, images instantly show up on a computer screen.

• Intraoral Camera– This wonderful device actually shows the inside of your mouth on a computer screen, where you’ll be able to see for yourself the treatment necessary for your needs.

• Convenient New Location & Office- Within walking distance from 80% of the hotels in Agra, situated at Fatehabad Road, getting to your appointments with our Dentists in Agra is not only a breeze, but fun!

• Free Cell Phone! Yes, we provide you with a free cell phone to use for the duration of your Agra Dental Vacation! It makes it easy to stay in touch with friends and family back home, and to contact our office with any questions

15 Minutes Walking Distance From Taj Mahal– The magnificent expanse of Taj Mahal awaits you at our Relax dental spa. You can actually go and visit the eternal monumnet of love “Taj  Mahal” or nearby places of tourist interests between procedures, or eat out, stay in a quality hotels.


If you’re uncertain because you don’t quite know where to stay – no problem. We’ve arrangements with most of the leading hotels where we can assist you in booking the rooms at a cheaper price than you can get directly. Similarly we can also book local transport cabs for nearby destinations at discounted rates. Free pick up or drop to New Delhi airport is also available on prior request.

The dental work you’ll be receiving is both affordable and inexpensive compared to prices in the United States and Europe. However, please don’t make the mistake of thinking we are “cheap dentists” offering “cheap dental treatments.”

Besides our striking location and state of the art equipment, you’ll find a trained and experienced dental support personnel, who’ll be taking personal care of your complete dental work in Agra – every step of the way. From dental implants to cosmetic dentistry and almost every procedure in between, our dentists will have you feeling and looking your best.

Treatments available are: aesthetic dental prosthesis, Implants, ceramic crowns and bridges, dental cosmetics, periodontics, aesthetic dentistry, oral surgery, and child-and preventive dentistry. With regard to cosmetic dentistry, the most commonly offered services are ultrasonic scaling, polishing, dental cleaning, tooth whitening, gingival pocket and gum disease treatment, and tooth jewellery.

The duration of a dental procedure and cosmetic dental treatment is usually between 3 to 7 days. This treatment is organized in such a manner that you will have time to tour Agra (Taj Mahal) and nearby destinations like New Delhi, Jaipur, Mathura etc. This most comfortable arrangement is coupled with dental treatments like dental implants, bridges, crowns, root canal and veneers. The cheapest treatment usually starts at 10 Euros for teeth cleaning to 100 Euros for root canal treatments. This is usually a saving of close to 3,000 Euros for a similar treatment in the United Kingdom.

The reason dental treatment is this affordable is that the cost of living in Agra is much lower and we have outsourced our dental labs to cut our prices. This means that dental equipment is not very expensive. Renting or buying space for a clinic is also affordable, as is labour. All these factors translate into cheaper service.

Case Study 1: Six Crowns and Two Root Canal Treatments

The cost of this treatment in Western Europe would be between €5500 approx (6 x €750 + 2 x €500) and €7000

In Agra at Relax Dental you will pay  €1400 (6 x €200 + 2 x €100)

You will save between 4000 and 5500 Euros approx. on your treatment.

Case Study 2:  Four Implants with 4 crowns

The cost of this treatment in Western Europe would be €14000 approx. (4 x €3500)

In Agra at Relax Dental you will pay €3340 ( 4 x €835 ).

You will save over 10,000 Euros approx.

 Dental Work So Good, We Fully Guarantee Your Complete Satisfaction!


When you book your appointment with Relax Dental Spa, we’re guaranteeing the following:

• You will save at least 50% off your dental work – compared to what you would pay in the US or Europe.

• Dentists in Relax Dental Spa are thoroughly screened for providing quality, durable work, and are US/Europe trained to give you the US quality at Indian prices.

• A dental clinic that’s always clean, sterile, comfortable and air-conditioned – meeting or exceeding the exacting standards you demand in the US or Europe.

• Your work will be done to your complete satisfaction.

• You will have the proper consulting and diagnosis before work begins, giving you several options on how to proceed.

• All of your necessary work will be completed on time.

• You will be treated without delays, so you can get back to enjoying your vacation!



Want to see just how much money you’ll be saving by taking our Agra dental vacation?

It couldn’t be simpler: Just email us at [email protected] We’ll then discuss your options, the procedures we’ll be recommended and give you a quote for the dental work we’ll be doing for you.

You’ll know beforehand what your dental care is going to run, and how much you can expect to be saving over the same procedures if done in the USA or Canada.

Our Dentists in Relax Dental Spa, Agra are looking forward to meeting you in person.

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