Smile Makeover Agra

A smile created by Relax Dental Spa is a smile to be proud of.

We understand the importance of your decision to undertake extensive treatment, that’s why we are with you every step of the way to guide you through your treatment plan.

Smile makeover treatments have become a significant part of modern dentistry and our dentists have trained extensively for you to enjoy the very latest smile enhancement techniques.

smile makeover agra

From advanced porcelain enhancement treatments with veneers and crowns to simple tooth reshaping a stunning smile that is not only natural, but exceeds your expectations, is now within your reach here at the Studio.

We use only highly skilled dental technicians who are able to give perfect results for your dental lab work.

Our dentists provide an initial smile assessment of your smile and the things which needs to be done. This complimentary service will give you the opportunity to browse through our smile portfolios. Chat over a coffee and receive expert advice on any aspect of our smile treatments.

Our cosmetic dentist Dr. Rituraj pathak will provide a more detailed examination using the very latest state of the art technology and techniques to create the smile of your dreams.

Smile Makeover Agra

Composite Bonding

Composite Bonding is used to correct minor imperfections like minor gaps in teeth, holes in teeth, cavities, minor chipping of tooth, minor discolorations, eliminating spots on tooth, etc. It can instantly repair such minor tooth problems, mostly in a single sitting.

It is a very simple procedure where a composite resin material is bonded over the prepared tooth, followed by shaping, contouring & hardening with high intensity light.

Smile Makeover with Dental Veneers 

Smile Makeover is done to correct Imperfections like gaps between teeth, misalignment, jetting out teeth, crowded and overlapping teeth, and discolored teeth using Ceramic Dental Veneers. It is most commonly known as cosmetic dental treatment or main feature of cosmetic dentistry.

Ceramic Dental Veneers– Ceramic Dental Veneers are thin shell like tooth colored structure, designed to cover the front side of the tooth. Ceramic Dental Veneers are so natural looking that it is impossible for 99% people to judge or identify the difference.


1. Appointment for smile designing consultation
2. Show case of digital smile makeover and treatment plan discussion
3. Preparation of teeth, impression taking and placement of temporaries.
4. Final Bonding of Ceramic Dental Veneers

Time taken– As less as 2 days (Case dependent)

Relax Dental specialize in smile makeover because:

1. Expert cosmetic dental surgeons with over 500 successful smile makeovers
2. Private dental lab support which provides fastest and precise dental Ceramic Dental Veneers
3. American smile designing software
4. Highly skilled technical smile designers

Each case is studied deeply by the cosmetic specialist at the clinical level and by smile designer at the technical level, thereby delivering more than precise and perfect results.

Smile Makeover with Thineers:

Thineers are similar to veneers and require No Injection, No pain, and No Drilling. They are the simplest way to correct smiles. It requires just 2 visits and feels comfortable from the first day of treatment. There is no need of scraping the healthy enamel layer with Thineers.

Smile makeover not only beautifies your smile but also enhances your overall confidence, approach, opportunities & oral health.

A smile makeover depends on the “artistic eye” of the dentist, smile designer & dental technician. It is a team which strives to deliver a perfect smile without any compromises. 

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