White Teeth Fillings Agra

Old unsightly metal fillings? Bits of tooth or filling breaking off?

Hate those ugly, black fillings? Worried about the mercury in your fillings?

Welcome to White Teeth Fillings Agra…

It may be time to replace your old, failing amalgam fillings with new white fillings. White fillings are much kinder to teeth than the old, metal fillings. They are bonded to the teeth, making the tooth structure as strong as possible.


Because metal fillings aren’t adhesively bonded to the teeth like white fillings, the cavity has to be undercut to retain the amalgam filling, this means more loss of tooth structure. Metal expands and contracts with temperature, and so do the metal fillings, this often causes pieces of the remaining tooth structure to become brittle break off.

White restorations, not only look like tooth structure, but they make the tooth much stronger.

How long will an inlay or white filling last?

Although no dental restoration lasts forever, the average lifespan of an inlay is around 10 years, they can actually last up to 30 years or more with proper care. One reason why a 10 year mark is given is because a dentist can usually provide patients with this number and be confident that an inlay that the dental lab makes will last at least this long. Well placed white fillings can have the same expected lifespan.

white cosmetic fillings Agra

All who are familiar with dentistry will agree that the most important factor affecting the lifespan of any restorative is the continuing oral hygiene performed by the patient. Similar to almost anything, a poorly-made object can last well past its predicted lifetime if it is properly cared for, and even a well-made item can last only a relatively short time if handled improperly. Other factors depend on the skill of the dentist and his lab technician, the material used and appropriate treatment planning and case selection.

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